There is a growing demand for skilled people in the healthcare arena. The many facets of healthcare administration involve medical terminology, computerized medical practice systems, coding protocols and office management. Infomedlink offers classes in each of these areas, which include a certificate of completion for those who successfully meet the course requirements.

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Whether you are in the field and want to increase your knowledge, or have decided to make healthcare your career, Infomedlink will help choose the classes that are right for you.

Introduction to Medical Office Protocols:
In an on-the-job setting, participants will learn the protocol forms and procedures specific to the healthcare facility. Topics include computerized scheduling, new-patient intake, how to create and maintain charts, verifications, referrals and regulatory requirements for insurance carriers such as Medicare, Major Med., W/C and N/F.

Medical Terminolgy:
The language of medicine is distinct and unique. Participants will learn key anatomical, pathology, diagnostic and lab phrases. Most importantly, attendees will learn how to navigate through the texts utilized in healthcare facilities.  This course requires one textbook, available in class, which includes an interactive CD.

ICD-9 and CPT-Coding:
The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) are the coding systems that identify the procedures and diagnoses performed by providers. These two coding system are necessary in order to bill insurance companies for services rendered. Participants will learn the necessity of correct coding what modifiers are and how to use them, how to expedite a super-bill, and much more. Text will be provided.

Computerized Medical Management:
Utilizing our state-of-the-art Windows program, participants will learn how to input patient demographics and input billing data, as well as how to post charges, payments and adjustments. Instructions for fee-schedule set-up according to “allowables,” primary, secondary and tertiary paper and electronic billing will be provided, as well as tips for preparing daily, weekly and monthly management reports. Text will be provided.

Aged Accounts Receivable:
Learn how to manage the ever-growing giant that everyone is too busy to acknowledge – aged accounts receivable. This course will teach step-by-step procedures to systematically win the battle over the A/R. Instruction includes all required grievance, inquiry and adjudication forms and protocols for Medicare, HMO, PPO, No-Fault and Workers’ Comp.

“No Response At All” is the culprit in every healthcare and management office. This is the reason that aged accounts receivables quickly grow to uncontrollable amounts. Let Infomedlink, Inc. teach you the right forms to use and help you turn those unpaid procedures into deposited income.

Already in the Industry? Learn How to Become a Medical Business Consultant:
Healthcare is an industry that is constantly growing! Physician business owners need help from knowledgeable professionals that can help them with many facets of their business, that they do not have the time to. Medical Business Consulting is a rapidly growing field. You will learn how to bring positive, effective change to each facet of the medical business. Our course will provide you with all due diligence protocols for evaluating the utilization of staff, procedures, clinical licensure, OSHA, HIPAA, Capitation or M.S.O. contract negotiations and many other topics. Call today for our schedule of classes. 

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